Singapore is the Best Place in Asia to Buy and Store Gold

According to analysts, and common understanding of internationally precious metals investing, Singapore is the best place to invest in gold, silver and other precious metals.

Now the nation-state is being touted as the “new Switzerland” of banking and wealth management, the beneficiary of geography and a new global trend to crack down on bank secrecy. Now Singapore appears to be enhancing its position by becoming an attractive haven for the ultimate wealth: gold.

It is a very desirable location, on account of its common law traditions, respect for property rights, and proximity to key Asian markets.

Singapore is one of the most stable countries in the world today – both politically and economically, and is emerging as the preeminent gold trading hub in Asia: Prices are incredibly competitive, with ultra-low premiums and very reasonable storage costs.

Singapore is also a popular place for gold storage. Situated just alongside the Singapore Changi International Airport, the Singapore FreePort offers a highly confidential and attractive international GST-free trade zone that makes for the ideal storage premise for precious metals.

Holding gold in an allocated account in Singapore is an effective way of protecting your wealth against unforeseen external turmoil.

Key Benefits of Buying/Storing Bullion in Singapore:

– Singapore is a major financial centre
– Minimum of government regulation and interference
– Singapore is first in the world for having the best protection of intellectual property
– Leading storage providers
– World class physical infrastructure with the latest security technology
– Favourable tax treatment
– Pools of liquidity
– Refining capacity

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