Best Gold & Silver Bullion Dealers

As the home of bullion and bullion storage, Singapore is often seen as the gold capital of the modern world. Singapore is poised to become the main gold hub in Asia and it’s now a very desirable storage location, on account of its common law traditions, respect for property rights, and proximity to key Asian markets. But with so many websites springing up online over the past few years, it can be hard to find a dealer offering a unique and trustable solution to invest in gold. There are many great producers and dealers in this country, not to mention some of the biggest and best storage vaults. In this article we’ll focus on the most popular bullion dealers in Singapore.

Below a review of the best bullion dealers to buy and store gold in Singapore.

The opportunity to preserve purchasing power and diversify wealth with precious metals had previously been inconvenient and expensive. now offers the best way to buy gold and silver online and safely store these precious metals for you, outside the banking system, in Switzerland and Singapore. is one of the first companies to allow investors to own and store 100% allocated gold and silver bars, directly and in their own names, starting with a minimum order as low as 5 oz of gold. The storage certificate is issued in the name of each client, which proves there is no intermediary between the clients and their physical gold or silver.

The vault in Singapore is operated by Malca-Amit which has 50 years experience in high value commodities logistics with operations in over 30 countries. As a member of the LBMA, Malca-Amit has the specialist knowledge required to provide secure storage and transport of precious metal. Your precious metal is protected by the strictest security measures and by an insurance contract. Investors have direct access to their gold bars.

This vault in Singapore reflects Goldbroker’s ambition to diversify and expand its customers’ vault options. Annual management fees are the same as those for storage in Switzerland.

The european company was created in 2011 by Fabrice Drouin Ristori. In 2012, Egon von Greyerz, a renowned gold market specialist and founder of Matterhorn Asset Management, joined the board.


As the biggest dealer in Singapore, BullionStar are also one of the most popular dealers in the East. As well as an online store they also operate out of a showroom on North Bridge Street, where a well-guarded vault stores vast amounts of precious metals. BullionStar sells a range of coins and bars, with gold, silver and platinum all available for sale. They also offer a storage facility known as My Vault, and a number of capsules, boxes, callipers and other tools for the avid collector. BullionStar prides itself on being a complete bullion dealer, with everything that an investor could need.


As their name suggests, this is a bullion dealer that primarily focuses on silver. They stock coins and bars from all of the world’s biggest Mints, including PAMP, the United States Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, Metalor and more. They are also an authorised distributor of The Perth Mint in Australia, who produce some of the most sought-after silver coins currently on the market. Although silver is their main aim, SilverAG do stock some gold products as well, just don’t expect as much variety here as you get with their silver products.

Gold Silver Central

With a range of gold and silver products for sale, Gold Silver Central are one of the most visited bullion dealers in Singapore. They have been in business for over 15 years and are as experienced as they come. As well as standard bullion coins and bars in both silver and gold, Gold Silver Central also have proof silver coins, proof silver bars and pre-owned gold bars. This is an ideal location for investors seeking to pickup precious metals at close to spot price, and for collectors looking for the rarest coins in the country.

Singapore Gold Coins

Specialising in coins, Singapore Gold Coins offer a wide range of collectable coins and bullion coins. These include the famous animal series of silver and gold coins produced by The Perth Mint, along with some beautiful animal coins produced by the Bank of China. They do their best to provide variety, with many coins from all of the best world’s Mints available. As well as their gold and silver coins, they also have a number of articles and news pieces to help those who are new to investing and need a helping hand when it comes to making the right decision.


This dealer call themselves “Singapore’s Trusted Precious Metal Dealer” and their main focus is on silver, although they do sell gold as well. This is a great destination for collectors looking for the latest silver coins, with some very beautiful ones available. These include the 2015 Endangered Series and the Disney series by the New Zealand Mint, along with some beautiful pieces by The Perth Mint and other top Mints. 1Silver1 also have membership options storage options and a savings plan.

Growing demand to store gold and silver in Singapore has led GoldMoney – the leading online provider of physical bullion – to offer two vaults facilities in the city state, operated by Brink’s Singapore Pte Limited and Malca-Amit.

The company which uses vaults in five countries (Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, UK) commenced its Singapore facility in order to provide further options for geographical diversification.

GoldMoney currently has just under 23,000 customers worldwide with more than US$1.3 billion of precious metal in storage.

Mike Maloney and the team propose a fully insured, longterm segregated vault storage service, securely held within the acclaimed Singapore FreePort.

Seeking diversifcation from potential bank bail-ins and currency devaluations, high net worth buyers of physical gold and silver bullion are having their precious metals delivered and stored at fully segregated, non-bank vaults in Asia.

Their new Singapore gold vault and silver storage options offer some of the most competitive gold and silver storage rates.

Singapore Vault Storage Customers can schedule visitations, elect for pickup, physical withdrawal, or securely sell metals during GoldSilver trading hours.

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