Popular Investment Options in Singapore

Singapore is a rich country and one where the entrepreneurial spirit thrives. There are a lot of successful people here, which is why Singapore has become an investor’s paradise. There are many ways you can invest your money for a bigger and brighter future in Singapore, and in this article we will look at the three main ways that the average Singapore investor likes to secure their money and ensure they turn a profit in the years to come.


Singapore is the home of bullion. There are many bullion dealers operating in this country, with some of the biggest names in the industry based here. That is because Singapore is perfectly placed, sitting between India and China, who invest more in gold than anyone else, and because it has a populace that is also obsessed with precious metals. As well as being home to the biggest bullion dealers, Singapore also has a lot of bullion storage companies, with customers all over the world. Local bullion storage is a great way for Singapore investors to secure their money in a place close to home, one where they can access it easily and quickly. Overseas bullion storage is a great way for foreign-based investors to avoid centralised banks, ensuring their money is safe and hidden from their own government. Singapore also have some of the most advanced and highly secure vaults in the world, which means that no one can access your gold here.

Singapore Stock Market

As with countries all over the world, the stock market is where most of the day’s biggest trades take place. In Singapore the stock market is known as the Singapore Exchange, and some of the biggest companies listed on this exchange include Creative Technology Ltd., Ezra Holdings and the casino group Genting Singapore PLC. It’s not just Singapore companies that are listed here, as there are also companies from Bermuda, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, France and a number of others.

This is a stock exchange like no other, and one that is better suited to Blue Chip investors. That is because companies only make it onto this exchange if they do well, and if they ever stop doing well then they are delisted.


The Foreign Exchange markets are big all over the world, but they are at their biggest in Singapore. This is a culturally rich melting pot, and there is a huge amount of money here. Where you have a lot of money and a lot of rich people looking to invest that money, you have a market where the forex is always going to thrive. The foreign exchange markets have been growing in popularity over the years and although it hasn’t always been that way, today they process more daily transactions and more money than any other method of trading. Forex is easy to get involved with and, much like gold storage and gold trading, it can be traded from the comfort of your own home. Forex has always been considered as too risky for some, and it is certainly much more risky than investing in bullion or even in the Singapore stock exchange, but at the same time it is a much safer choice than binary options and other investments that lean more towards gambling than anything else.

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