Gold Storage Options

Once you own precious metals, you have to store it… but where?

There are several solutions : You could keep your physical gold at your bank or in your home, but it entails many risks. We rather advise to store your gold outside the banking system, in secured vaults in Switzerland and Singapore.

Storage at a Bank, in a Safe :

We do not advise to choose this solution. First of all, gold storage is neither the business or the priority of a modern bank. Storage and transportation of precious metals like gold is a specialised business, and this is why one must trust the experts.

When gold is out of the usual professional storage units, its quality isn’t guaranteed anymore, which might deter a potential buyer. Also, banks charge high storage fees. And what’s more, if your bank closes or goes bankrupt, you will face difficulties in recuperating your gold quickly.

Storing Gold at Home

This solution may prove to be reassuring, since your gold is with you. That being said, you are exposed to the risks of theft, and need to install a secure safe. Furthermore, as with storage in a bank, the gold is out of the professional storage units and could be altered.

Storing Gold in a Vault in Singapore or Switzerland

This is the best solution!

Reknowned bullion dealers allow investors to become fully-registered owners of physical gold in their own name. The gold is stored outside the banking system, more precisely in a secure vault in Switzerland or Singapore, and is insured by a large international insurance company.

Transportation and storage of the values is assured by a fully-accredited professional warehouse operator. Gold, thus, never leaves the venues of recognised participants and keeps its market integrity and resale value.

Keeping one’s gold outside the banking system allows one not to be exposed to a bank default or to confiscation. You will have access to your gold at all times, either to inspect it or to retrieve it.

In Singapore or Switzerland, gold ownership is not submitted to any constraint and may remain anonymous. There are hardly any taxes on precious metals investments. And, lastly, this countries are of the most important protectors of the rights of foreign owners in the world.

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