Rare Proof Coins and Bullion Coins From the Singapore Mint

The US Mint, the Royal Mint and the Canadian Mint have produced some world famous coins that have gone on to receive a lot of acclaim and respect within the Numismatist community. It’s not all about these major and historic Mints though. In Singapore, the home of gold and silver bullion, the Singapore Mint has produced an array of beautiful coins, helping to propel themselves into global popularity.

The 2015 Lunar Medallion

Very similar to the Perth Mint coins that have taken the industry by storm, these medallions are produced here in Singapore and are available in fine silver and fine gold. These are rare and therefore very sought-after, and one of the most beautiful is of a family of goats, set in fine gold. This particular piece was minted in January 2015 and has since been sold out viagra apotheken. They only produced 888 of them in total, and as well as the goats on the front, which are standing above some colourful flowers, there is also some Chinese characters on the back that symbolises wisdom. This is a 1 ounce coin, but there is also a 5 ounce silver version available, although this is even rarer as less than 400 were minted.


In 2012 a coin was struck that celebrated 47 years of independence. This wasn’t to everyone’s taste as the coin pictured some comical characters and many collectors thought it was a little childish. However, the precious year, the 46 years of independence edition was released and this was considered to be far more beautiful. The silver ounce coin in particular looked stunning, inset with some striking colours that made the main side of the coin truly stand out. The coin was an octagonal shape and was sold in an exquisite presentation box.

There were only 5,000 of these coins stuck in total and they initially retailed for $126. Since then they have increased in value, as you would expect, but if you are looking for something a little cheaper than there was also a cupro-nickel round coin produced, which initially retailed for a fifth of the price of the silver coin.

Struck in 2009, the coin that celebrates 44 years of independence is also a very pretty coin.

Singapore Medallion II

This medallion is available in fine gold and fine silver, but this particular design definitely lends itself to gold, as this is one of their most stunning un-coloured coins. The face of this coin features an etching of a lion’s head, with his fierce features set into a roar. The back of the coin depicts the majestic Singapore skyline, of which the Marina Bay Sands is a prominent feature.

This coin was minted in 999.9 fine gold, weighing in at 1 troy ounce. There is no short limit on this coin and it is more widely available than any of the others on this list, so if you want to include some Singapore Mint pieces in your collection, then you should definitely grab one of these.

Lyrics in Batik

Produced in fine silver, these coins spanned a small series, with the Lyrics in Batik 1 and Lyrics in Batik 2. The second is the better piece in our eyes, but both of these are very beautiful and well designed, with a painstaking attention to detail. They feature flowers that have been coloured-in, but the second coin also has some shading in the background and has a little more going on over all. The coins also feature the words “Lyrics of Singapore” inscribed on the flip-side.

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