Store Gold in Singapore

Storing gold overseas is a smart strategy for anyone interested in international diversification, especially if you’re concerned about the potential for gold confiscation. Singapore is the top place to go. Gold has traditionally been stored in London, Zurich, and New York, but there is a shift in dynamics going on as the global financial crisis continues to evolve. The demand for gold storage at its Singapore facility has grown in the last few years.

5 reasons to store gold in Singapore

– Singapore offers an ultra-secure storage alternative and provides high-security facility for storing precious metals and other collectibles of the wealthy.

– Storing gold in Singapore is a smart strategy for anyone interested in international diversification.

– Singapore is fast positioning itself as Asia’s global precious metals trade hub. The country has built on its advantageous geographical location to become one of the world’s top transportation hubs.

– Singapore is the most politically stable country in Asia and has among the lowest crime rates worldwide.

– Singapore offers the highest confidentiality, with laws protecting individuals’ privacy whilst allowing for banking information to be provided to foreign authorities where crimes are being investigated.

– Close proximity to the airport offers international investors convenient access to their stored valuables.

Storage facilities

Demand for high-security gold storage is soaring that’s why the Singapore FreePort, the only high-security climate-controlled storage facility and sole freeport in Asia, opened in 2010.

The best storage providers

Malca-Amit Singapore : Malca-Amit provides the ultimate solution to safeguard your physical assets, be it gold or silver bullion, or coins. Malca-Amit operates within The Singapore FreePort. You can place trust in their complete confidentiality, maximum security, and full insurance coverage backed by extensive experience and solid financial grounding. investors benefit from flexible access times.

Christie’s Fine Art Storage Services: Christie’s Fine Art Storage Services (CFASS) is the world’s premier storage provider for fine art, antiques and collectibles. Christie’s Fine Art Storage Services’ Singapore facility is located within the Singapore FreePort.

Brink’s Singapore : Brink’s Singapore is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brink’s, a global leader in business and security services. With over 145 years of world-class performance and powerful logistics solutions, Brink’s has earned a reputation as the most reliable name in secure logistics.

Via Mat: Via Mat offers modern infrastructure for precious metal storage and other high value commodity storage. Their storage facilities are centrally located and fulfill the strictest security requirements.

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