The Biggest Bullion Suppliers in Singapore

In the home of bullion, where many dealers have set up shop and where many customers flood on a daily basis to buy the latest proof coins and the best bullion bars, there are many of the world’s biggest mints and suppliers operating. But with so much choice, it can be a little daunting for a first-time buyer. What do these names, stamps and inscriptions mean, where do they come from? In this article we aim to help you understand a little about the biggest bullion producers in Singapore.



These are one of the most trusted bullion brands in the world. They have been around since the 1850s, producing a range of high quality precious metals. They don’t just focus on the investment market and their refining also produces metals for industry, selling large amounts to the jewelry industry in particular. This is a Swiss company, but one whose products are greatly valued by investors due to their quality. Silver is where Metalor truly shine and you will struggle to find a purer bar at a price close to spot than the ones produced by Metalor.

Perth Mint

the perth mint australia

Based in Australia, the Perth Mint are best known for their proof coins, which include some of the most beautiful, rare and sought-after bullion coins on the market. If you have spent any length of time in this industry then there’s a good chance you will have seen the coins produced by the Perth Mint, as they are very popular and wide-spread. As with Metalor, silver is their main focus and as well as beautiful coins, they also produce fine silver bars.



Perhaps the most famous supplier of gold products, PAMP are best known for producing super-high quality gold, which is often packaged in air-tight containers and sold at a premium. This gold is finer and of a better quality that others, which is why it carries such an inflated price. Despite this price, buyers who purchase large amounts of PAMP products typically do not have an issue selling them back on with a premium still attached. As with Metalor, PAMP are based in Switzerland.

Johnson Matthey

johnson matthey

This is a British company, but one that is so widespread many customers seem to think that this company is based in their own country. Their products are available everywhere and in many countries they are the main silver bullion dealer. Johnson Matthey have been in business for close to 200 years and they have a market capitalization of around £6 billion, which goes someway to showing you just how big they really are.

United States Mint

US mint

One of the most famous mints in the world, the US Mint are responsible for some famous coins, including the gold Double Eagle and the silver US Eagle. There is no shortage of products that you can buy from this Mint and they are available across Singapore, with most bullion dealers stocking them. These include proof and rare coins, gold and silver bars and more.

Royal Canadian Mint

royal canadian mint

The Royal Canadian Mint produce the Maple Leaf gold coins, which are purer than any other coins and yet sell for next to spot price. There have been some issues reported with “milk spotting” on their silver coins, thanks to a finish they apply, but if you want the best quality precious metals for as close to spot price as possible, then their Maple Leafs are the perfect choice.

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