Check Your Pockets! The Four Most Valuable Silver Coins

Silver might not be as prized as gold, but as we shall learn over the course of this article, the most expensive coin in the world was composed of silver, not gold. Silver has also been used to mint coins throughout much of modern history, and in this article we’ll take a look at the most expensive coins ever sold.

    • 4. Morgan Silver Dollar 1893

There were around 100,000 of these coins minted towards the end of the 19th Century, yet it has been estimated that a 1893 Morgan Silver Dollar (stamped with an “S” to indicate that it was minted in San Francisco) in mint condition could be worth over half a million dollars. Despite the high number of minted coins, it is thought that many of them were melted down over the years for their silver content, as the coins are roughly 90% pure silver.

In 2001, one of these coins actually sold for around $400,000, so whilst the figure quoted above is just an estimation, there has been precedent.

    • 3. S Seated Liberty Dollar

Emblazoned with the image of Liberty sitting and looking over her shoulder, the S Seated Liberty Dollar was struck in 1870. These coins were struck at several different mints, and it is the ones that were struck in San Francisco that are worth the most money, with some estimations putting their value (for a mint condition coin) at close to $2 million.

The coin contains around 90% silver and is around a quarter of an ounce in weight. The ones minted in Frisco are stamped with an “S”, and there are also stamps showing “CC” for Carson City. These coins also exist without a mint mark, so don’t worry if you stumble across one that doesn’t have any mark.

    • 2. 1804 Silver Dollar

You don’t need to be a Numismatic to know that the most valuable coins are often the ones that have flaws, imperfections or mistakes. This is what makes them rare. If one particular coin is struck 10,000 times, then each individual striking is unlikely to be worth a lot of money. If the very first one of those coins was struck with the wrong date or the wrong image, then you have something unique, something rarer than rare.

That brings us to the 1804 Silver Dollar, which was actually struck in 1834 or 1835. This coin was never meant for circulation. It was struck as a gift, given by the then President, Andrew Jackson, to trading partners in the East. It was a token gesture back then — if only they knew that this small coin would be worth close to $4 million in years to come.

The coin was in mint condition when it was sold by Heritage Auctions back in 2013 for this sum. Following the sale of this coin it was perhaps no surprise to see that the market was flooded with counterfeits. So, if you have an 1804 Silver Dollar in your possession don’t get your hopes up just yet.

    • 1  The Flowing Hair Silver and Copper Dollar

According to the Coin Trackers website, this particular coin is worth just over $800,000. That’s a lot of money, but nowhere near enough to make it to the top of this list. The reason that the “Flowing Hair Dollar” — so named because Liberty’s bust is pictured with flowing locks — is top of this list is because one of them sold for $10 million at a New York auction in 2013.

The coin is believed to have been the first coin struck by the US Mint. This is therefore the early works of one of the world’s biggest and most active mints, and it has been suggested that less than 2,000 of these coins were ever minted.

The Flowing Locks Silver dollar is only 90% silver, with the rest of the coin’s makeup consisting of copper. It weighs about 3 quarters of an ounce, which means if you were to melt it down you’d only have about $13/14 worth of pure silver. Still, as this is such an important piece of American history, as well as being the most expensive coin in the world, such an act would be insane and bordering on sacrilegious.

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